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Aware Technologies

We are delighted to be helping Aware Technologies on a brand new venture! They are looking to bring to market a set of devices to improve the lives of millions, in health, productivity and finances.

Building something that matters


This is the current state of our journey with Aware Technologies in bringing Aware Tags from proof of concept, to the final product people will effortlessly install in their homes. We will update this page over time, giving a glimpse into how we run a project, and how things are progressing.



January 4th, 2022.
Kick Off Meeting


January 5th, 2022.
Brand, UX and UI Review for Project


February 14th, 2022.
Database and App Architecture Session



March 7th, 2022.
Prototype Board


March 19th, 2022.
What can be done with this data?




MVP Launch



Phase Two Development






"Concept" to "Final Product", how do we get there?


Picking up from a proof of concept build has been fun.  It’s a slight deviation from our normal process, but still, we run a discovery period. We look at the current state of the project, the goals, and the successes that we want to carry forward. It’s also the perfect opportunity to remove or fix anything that wasn’t quite right.

Kick Off Meeting

Meetings with Leonard Carey, CEO and founder of Aware Technologies. These sessions have been great, as we could get into the history, the proof of concept and how things work. He and his team overcome some interesting problems, from encoding tiny data packets, radio, LTE and even the manufacturing process of final boards and cases.

Brand, UX and UI Review for Project

The guys had already full branding work done, they even had some example app screens created for various purposes over the last year, ranging from investment presentations to interactive mockups.

This gives us all we need to create a new set of apps, websites and tools that can be built to brand specs.

Database and App Architecture Session

The amount of data in this project will be vast, so getting a firm understanding of the entire system and its intricacies are discussed and agreed upon. The main IP of the business will be hosted in AWS, machine learning, and AI will also come into play; it should be a fun project!

Quick and dirty investigations


For this project, we needed some prototyping to see what could be done and improved upon from the proof of concept.

With so much data, our main concern was moving data from tags to the hub, to the database and then to the apps in the most efficient and concise way.

Prototype board

Before going to a purpose-built, custom board, we will run kit from Pycom. This will allow rapid prototyping, and we can also order a few to get beta testing completed. Some tremendous little devices can be had, and they can all be programmed with Python!

What can be done with this data?

Unique scientific calculations lead to a stream of data that allows us to show the user a 3D representation of their home and its values. The next step is to base this on a floor plan so that the user can visualise the issues.

Work in progress.

Check back soon!

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